Fall 2013

Fall is here, and with the changing of the seasons comes a new round of submissions.

Over here at Underground we are excited to read what you wrote over the summer. Send us your poems, short stories, and lyrics to submissions.underground@gmail.com by October 11th and your work could be read by thousands!

Don’t think I forgot about you, visual artists. The artwork published in Underground continues to improve, so we feel confident in announcing that we are planning another gallery opening for the fall! You could have your artwork presented for a month in the Student Center gallery where it will be seen by a multitude of your peers. Submit your paintings, etchings, photographs, photomanipulations, and whatever other visual art you have, to submissions.underground@gmail.com by October 11th.

For full submissions details, please click on the Submissions tab at the top of your screen.

We look forward to another amazing batch of submissions,

-Fall 2013 Undergound Staff

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