An Interview with Lindsey Baker: Prose Editor


Meet the... (3)

1. Do you believe in writers block?

I do not believe in writer’s block. I do, however, believe that sometimes the pressure to produce grows larger than the joy of producing. But this is a self-fulfilling pressure—and it ain’t real. Take a walk, clean out your closet, read one of your favorite books, and relax.


2. What are you looking for in submissions this fall?

This fall, I want to see some great storytelling. Underground already has a rich history of prose pieces with unique characters that stick with you long after you finish the piece. I want to see where else we can take those characters. What slices of life have we not been introduced to yet? What bizarre situations can we explore? What other worlds are out there in the dark? I look forward to finding out!

3. What journal would you love to be published in?

I would love to be published in The James Franco Review. Their fiction is always crisp, clean, and often shocking in the best kinds of ways.  I could only hope to write something that good!

4. How has GSU helped you improve your craft?


GSU has helped me improve my craft immensely. Rachel Wright, my Intro to Creative Writing professor, taught me that I didn’t need to kill a whole bunch of characters to write an impactful ending, even in a horror story. Stephanie Devine, my professor for both Narrative Techniques and Contemporary Fiction Craft, taught me how to think about fiction in new ways and how to decipher where a story truly begins. Along with support from GSU faculty, the encouragement from an amazing group of classmates has been a magical thing.
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