10 Reasons to Submit to Underground!

10 Reasonsto

10. The glory of being published- There’s a certain feeling you get when you open up a book or magazine and see the words you’ve written. It’s the final step. It’s what you dreamed of. Now you can say, “I’ve been published.”

9. Fame- We know, you’re tired of going home and always getting asked, “What’s going on in your life?” Now, instead of mumbling, “Not much, Aunt Tabitha,” you might mention that you are a published author/artist. NBD!

8. Immortality- For generations to come your name and work will be in the Underground archives for future students look back on and be inspired by.

7. Bragging Rights- Put it on your CV, your resume, your Linked In, your Facebook, your Twitter, your Tumblr, your professional website–you can even put it on your My Space if you’re feeling nostalgic!

6. Being a Part of Something- Underground is not just a publication, but a family. When you become a part of our creative community, you meet other people who know what you’re going through and a door opens to a whole new world. Who knows what you’ll find?!

5. Deadlines- We’ve all been there. You’re workshopping tomorrow, but that poem isn’t finished. For some reason your story is in Kansas when it should be London. You load up on candy, energy drinks, and memes to pull an all nighter.  It all works out and you come out with a great piece. Deadlines can help push you to create. Knowing our submissions are not open forever might just be the push you need.

4. It’s Addictive- Once you submit to Underground you’ll be familiar with the process, the butterflies will be gone, your adrenaline will kick in and you’ll be wishing submissions for the next issue were open already. Who knows? Maybe  you’ll gain the confidence to submit to one of the big literary journals…and get accepted!

3. We Love Your Writing- We love hearing what you have to say. Through exchanging our works we inspire each other and build off the momentum of creative energy. Join the conversation!

2.Them Feels- There’s nothing better than checking your email and instead of being told your library book is over due (again), you’ve got an acceptance letter in your box! It’s a rush of adrenaline every time, followed by a warm fuzzy feeling of pride and joy. It’s definitely something to celebrate.

1. Underground will soon be in the New York Public Library archives! The NYPL is our first official subscriber, so your work will be kept safe for years to come! We know your work is special and you worry about submitting to the right place. Underground is proud to be the right place. Let us help spread your word. You deserve to be heard.