1.  How do I submit to Underground?

Please follow the submission guidelines listed here.  These guidelines outline the best way to ensure that we receive your work and that your submissions are eligible to be considered for publication.

2.  Can I submit a work if I also plan to submit it to another journal?

A work submitted to more than one journal for possible publication is known as a simultaneous submission.

We will consider simultaneous submissions provided that the artist or author provides notification.  It is the responsibility of the artist or author to notify Underground immediately, should a submission be accepted elsewhere.  Underground, like many art and literary journals, will not accept any work that has been or will be published elsewhere.  Again, Underground only accepts original, previously unpublished work.

3.  Will you provide feedback on my submission?

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to provide feedback on an individual level.  We strongly encourage all writers to make use of the GSU Writing Studio, located on the 24th floor of 25 Park Place.  Discover more about the Writing Studio and learn how to schedule appointments here.

4.  Can I become involved with Underground?

Absolutely.  All interested students are welcome to apply.  Applications for the following positions are now open:

Section Editor positions for art, poetry, and prose

Staff positions for art, poetry, and prose

Section Editor applications can be found here.

Staff applications can be found here.

Marketing manager applications are here.

Marketing staff applications are here.

Coming soon:

Digital content manager/online editor

5.  How can I become editor-in-chief or production editor?

Once a year, or more if one of these positions becomes vacant, applications for the various Student Media Head positions become available.  Underground applications usually become available in March.  Check the GSU Student Media website for qualification information and application details.