Welcome to Underground.  Here's what you should know about us:

We are the undergraduate art and literary journal at Georgia State University.  Our staff is comprised entirely of undergrads.  We aim to produce a new issue of Underground each semester.  This tends to take longer than we anticipate.  Still, we seek to curate, edit, and publish the best creative work our fellow undergrads crank out.

We primarily publish the work of GSU students, but we are currently accepting art, poetry, and prose submissions by non-GSU students, too.  You must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student to be eligible to submit work for publication.

Please note: We will verify your enrollment status, should we plan to publish your piece.


Dear Contributors, Fans, and Followers,

Our Spring ’17 submissions period has passed.  The time has come for us to do our part of the process.  Again, thank you to all the undergrads at GSU (and around the country!) who took the time to submit.  We would be blank and boring without your creative contributions.

This is our first semester accepting national submissions and we’re thrilled with the response!  We hope to continue expanding our audience by extending this opportunity to other undergrads around the country.  If you are new to Underground and know nothing about Georgia State, please reach out and talk to us/stay tuned through social media!

Now, we’re brewing coffee and gearing up to read/see what you’ve sent us.  In the coming weeks, we’ll complete the selection process, hold an on-campus reading or two on the Atlanta campus in honor of National Poetry Month, and release issues 7.1 and 7.2 out into the wild!  As always, please reach out and join the conversation on campus and around the country.

With best wishes,

Underground Editors and Staff

Now reviewing Spring ’17 submissions!


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