Issue 8.2


Editor’s Note


Alice Benson | “Last Place on Earth”

Hilary Ellis-Manogue | “She’s Older Now”

Zachary Gaskill | “Foggy Wanderer”

Brianna Long | “A Phone Call (to Come Home)” | “Tahoe”

Christine MacKenzie | “Mind & Body”

Evan Parker | “Dancers” | “Jimbhouse”

Shanley Smith | “In Contrast to the Sunday Evenings My Brother and I Once Had” | “While I Sit on the Porch” 

Cayce Tiedemann | “Wildwood in the Nineties”


Magdalena Dumitrescu | “Leaving Tomorrow”

Alicia Ferrara | “Datura”

Julius Prince Green II | “Flower Child”

Ashley Jablonski | “Masked”

Anna Martin | “Acicular” | “Cold Houses”

Kenny Nguyen | Sinister Fantasies”

Claire Preston | “Today”

Nithin Reddy | “Camera Hame Ha”

Kayle Rothenberg | “Do It with Pizzazz and Sing a Little Jazz”

Sophia Sabsowitz  | “The Motherload”

Vanessa Withun | “Keep Watch”


Lukas Bryant | “On Ship Island”

Erin Chen  | “Muddy Heart, Ghostly Hand”

Miranda Corless | “I Never Find My Name at the Gift Shop”

John Darcy | “Some Neat and Tidy Tuesday”

Cemberli Grant | “And I Knew the Face”

Brianna Fay | “Immortal Art”

Cassandra Martinez | “A Boy Plays Catch Beneath the Overpass”

David Schwartz | “Friend of the Devil”

Kevin Shea | “The Tide”



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