Underground is Georgia State University’s undergraduate art and literary journal and creative collective. Our staff consists entirely of undergraduate students who attend the university’s Atlanta campus. We publish an issue of art, prose, and poetry once every semester. We love and want work that is experimental, daring, and a little bit weird. If that sounds like you, please consider submitting your work to us!

We exclusively accept submissions from undergraduate students currently enrolled at any GSU campus. Please see our “Submissions” page for details on our submission process and upcoming theme.

Cayce Tiedemann, Editor in Chief

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Cayce is a senior studying film and music as well as a former contributor of poetry to Underground. She looks forward to continuing her education and teaching after being inspired by a handful of fearless women professors here at GSU. When she isn’t studying, her free time is spent amplifying civil and human rights, challenging the patriarchy, engaging mental health and recovery support in the community, and caring for two goofy looking dogs. She dedicates this bio and any legacy she may leave behind at GSU to her late dog, Phoebe.

Rebecca BatesProduction Editor

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Rebecca is a junior who is currently pursuing a studio art major with a concentration in graphic design. She’s been enthralled with art ever since she can remember, experimenting with all forms of artistic expression—including dabbling in creative writing. She loves to gather inspiration from various places, whether it be other artists, film, or cartoons because she’s a huge nerd like that. One day, Rebecca will actually finish one of her numerous self-inflicted projects.

Alice BensonPoetry Editor


Alice is a sophomore English major with a concentration in creative writing. Among her many interests are late-night walks to the nearest Waffle House, quaint thrift stores, and X-Files reruns. She hopes to either pursue a career in fiction or become a translator for American Sign Language. In all her endeavors, she would like to send a special thanks to her loving boyfriend, the Mothman.

Nise Jones, Prose Editor

nise jones

Nise is a senior studying film and creative writing. She finds solace in words and peace of mind in the visuals of film. Underground has been a source of inspiration for her since her freshman year at Georgia State University. She absolutely loves attending Music Midtown and the Dogwood Arts Festival in Piedmont Park. Anywhere creativity thrives is where she wants to be. She looks forward to collaborating with the other members of Underground and producing an art & literary journal that stems from GSU’s creative student body.

Harrison Gallo, Art Editor 

gallo masthead[3]

Harrison is a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Although he’s working towards a STEM degree, art has always been his passion. His primary medium is black and white film photography with a focus on multiple exposure techniques. Along with still film photography, he creates and designs his own silk screens to print his visuals and typographic work so that he can share it with his friends.

Infinity Coleman, Art Editor

infinity coleman

Infinity is a freshman majoring in studio art with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in Japanese. She loves photography, playing guitar, and painting in her free time. She also enjoys working out and pursuing health.